Re: Switching to DOT 5 (silicone) - order of events?

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2021/9/1 9:23:16
What benefits are U hoping to see from such a change? Much ado about nothing, methinks.
There's more data from DOT 3,4 use, than DOT 5 and converted systems.

The flushing issue revolves around some incompatibility between the traditional glycol based fluids and DOT5 silicone oils that can cause potential braking failures. I have not seen any data on that just what the DOT and manufacturers say. I suspect it was tested that's why not approved for back compatible. I haven't seen any specifications for conversion cleanliness. That's the only one I'm aware of without back compatibilization.
DOT3,4 requires flushing and fluid change as normal maintenance.
Dept of Transportation controls brake fluid and components.

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