Re: Those needing door panels.

Posted by Leeedy on 2021/9/6 12:55:15

kevinpackard wrote:
Thanks for the info Leeedy. I had previously considered trying to save my door panels, and what you said made me want to see if that's possible. I pulled my door panels out of storage to see what can be done. Pictures are in my build thread here.


HH56 already has given you good advice in your other thread concerning your door panels.

In addition to that, I would try to contact an old-time professional trimmer and pay them to bring your door panels back to life. There ARE still old guys out there and old automotive trim shops that know their stuff. It's just a matter of finding them. From what I have seen in your photos, your panels really don't look all that bad–if you are careful and do them the right way.

You'll need somebody who is skillful enough to know how to handle very old padding, embossings, and overall trim–especially vinyl. And somebody who knows how to handle a heat gun without melting things. There once were automotive trimmer's unions around the country. You might want to consider at least talking with an old-time auto trimmer who is familiar with 1950s interior work.

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