Re: Those needing door panels.

Posted by kevinpackard on 2022/6/21 16:21:38
I'm bringing this thread back from the dead with new information. I just got off the phone with SMS to get samples in anticipation of giving my door panels a shot on my own, and asked about their door panel orders.

They are currently accepting new orders for door panels. Current wait time is probably a year. Judging by comments on their Facebook page I would give or take a year on top of that. They don't require the original door panels until they are ready to put it all together, and they will need whatever stainless trim pieces are on there.

Seat covers are a different story and they will need the original covers for patterns, then minimum 6 months (give or take a year) for completion. At this point I will likely involve a local for the seat covers, but with the correct materials from SMS.


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