Re: coil on plug

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2021/10/1 10:24:03
It depends what car your retrofitting.
If it can take a HEI type distributor, with the magnetic point pickups, it doesn't care how you fire the plugs. It evolved that way, first close coupled coil, then remoted. Most of these won't fit your typical points jalopy otheriwse, it's just a matter of how it's triggered, wired, and supported.
Not sure what you're trying to gain here? If it's low compression, HEI isn't much benefit. Much ado about nada. It gets harder to spark as the gas charge pressure increases. Spark energy somewhat affects % combustion.
Most "normal" people would swop out the motor for a modern one as described/desired but that's how innovations happen. Someone has a pet idea and eventually comes across a solution whether it fits the original issue or not.
You could fit the new timing pickup to the crank, but would take some fancy redo.
Go back to the good old magneto and your problems are solved.

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