Re: Concourse and concours

Posted by Leeedy on 2021/10/20 10:14:29

Owen_Dyneto wrote:
Seems to be continuing confusion, some commonly recognized definitions should help.

Concourse: a large open area inside or in front of public buildings such as an airport or train station.

Concours: an exhibition or contest, especially a parade or display of vintage vehicles.

You're on a roll, Owen. I've gone over this one in my threads all over. But it is still ignored. How many times do folks on videos and TV say "it's a 'concourse' restoration"? So keep going.

Now explain "restoration" ...and how it differs from "customizing." And why it is that nobody today wants to admit that they are customizing a car anymore even though this is exactly what many are doing. I am continually baffled by folks who want to modify EVERYTHING, yet call it "restoration." Auction folks have muddied terminology so badly that they had to invent a new term, "restomod"... which comes along the lines of saying, "I did and I didn't"... or "I walkedran." Perfect sense.

Now... let's see "upgrade" defined. THis is the latest one.

The old car hobby and automotive terminology are completely off the rails.

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