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Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/2/7 19:24:27
Most here gathered have long known about Merritt Packard Parts. I was buying from them since 1974 when they were still the genial, reasonable Packard Farm, as well as the wonderful but long gone Roland M. Crawford's Packard Parts Unlimited in Groveland, MA.

But the other day, Merritt's Michael Grimes came through in a way that much surprised me, above and beyond the call of duty, so wanted to remind people in need to give this gentleman a call at 317.736.6233
800.472.2573, or

Meanwhile, again, Jeff Adkins, Moose Motors, Penngrove, outside Petaluma in the greater SF North Bay Area, sells and rebuilds Packard mechanical, and electro-mechanical parts, as well as supplies brake parts for older cars Auburn through Zephyr; an enormous warehouse brimming with parts.

Jeff owns Packards, used to have a shop in the Bay Area working on old cars tho' specializing in Packards. Reasonable and prompt turnaround.
Jeff even has the original jigs to properly rebuild Packard pressure plates, clutches so you don't have to use the Ford F-Series truck clutch most with 1940-50 356 engines use, or the Ford tractor clutch my '40 120 had.
Jeff has R-9 and R-11 overdrive transmissions, Ultramatic parts, and will still rebuild those.
(707) 792-9985

Tell these worthies a '47 Super Clipper in Walnut Creek, CA sent you.

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