Re: Solid State Voltage Regulator

Posted by PackardDon on 2022/5/17 13:39:34
For those reading this and commenting privately that I've been ignoring comments from humanpotatohybrid, we have actually been having an extended and extremely helpful offline conversation so no worries there!

On the question about mechanical regulators and how polarity can possibly matter to a relay, I found this on a tractor site's blog. I believe some pages back Howard or one of the other posters had made a similar suggestion and it is likely correct and actually makes sense.

The neg./pos. designation on the regulator has to do with the dissimilar metals in the regulator contacts. The arm is a different alloy than the fixed contact to reduce contact arcing, those alloys will be positioned in one configuration for pos, ground and in the reversed config. for neg. ground. The regulator (or cutout) will function the same in either neg. or pos. ground but when a pos. ground unit is connected neg. ground it will have a shorter life span.

So for the solid state design and with humanpotatorhybrid's incredible (and incredibly patient) help, I have the printed circuit board designed but only for negative ground so far. It was specifically designed with the '50s or later Delco-Remy regulators in mind but I am going to have to compress it considerably to fit into an Autolite housing which may be a challenge!

Now to try to come up with a positive ground version . . .

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