Re: Rescreened cowl delivery plaques

Posted by Joe Santana on 2022/5/24 18:19:17
Mike, I would work with William Clark in Texas

Take a photo of what you've got and send it. I don't know if he can redo your original plate. I think he starts with a black plate, but not sure.

I kept my original but as you can see, not much to work with, so I re-created it (Bill did) as close as possible.

Mine was rubber stamped with the date, place and EAC logo, so I had rubber stamps made for that part.
The original (as I remember from when I was a kid) was not perfectly rubber-stamped, so I copied that.

He lasered the VIN-Number. (I bought some numbers close in style to what Packard used, but not identical. I had a devil of a time trying to punch them straight, so I gave up on that.

I'm really happy with how mine came out. I took it to VanNess and the sales guys were impressed.

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