Re: Rescreened cowl delivery plaques

Posted by Fish'n Jim on 2022/5/25 8:25:39
be careful and know your state rules.
I saw a news item some guy had restored his corvette and used pop rivets to attach the plate, and the DMV impounded the car and it's slated to demolished as contraband under some silly theft law. He's spent 80K in legal fees trying to get it back so far, not counting the cost of resto.
I've seen this in other states, so find out before you do anything irrepairable and potentially illegal in your jurisdiction. It's a state's right not federal, so act accordingly. And those purchasing a vehicle with modified ID need to understand the rules if you bring into the state. Packards are "weird" and don't follow the other brands, so that's a red flag to the agencies, too.
I just went through 8 months of "hell" over a title feud with the SC DMV and a NC dealer. I finally, had to file a complaint in NC DMV to "motivate" the dealer by a guy with a gun and badge, so to speak. Sometimes, like during covid, they also want to make an "example" our of your case.

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