Re: Rescreened cowl delivery plaques

Posted by MJG on 2022/5/25 19:00:04

su8overdrive wrote:
I know the ancient ink of which you speak. No, my data plate is stamped with the delivery date, serial number, and the dealer's name is deeply scratched into the metal.

My plate has long since been polished to bare metal, so only a matter of wiping it with alcohol or whatever the printer uses before re-inking, silkscreening, whatever.

I am sure many other Packard owners are in the same situation, and would like to simply have their originals re-inked.

The gory details of the process are of no interest to me. I'm only interested in spurring some can-do kinda guy into re-inking our plates.

Perhaps much ado about nothing to many, but again, this plate has the dealer's own signature, all else stamped into the metal, so do not want a reproduction whether from Taiwan or Nebraska. I want mine re-inked.

I hesitated reposting this request because i'm getting a lot of "you getcha a's" but no action.

Any signage, lithographer, silkscreen company owners reading these forums who can do this without making us attend an online seminar?

Have you thought about trying to contact one of the suppliers of repro plates? May be a longshot that they would treat yours as a blank, but could be your best shot.

Mine has none of the black left, some light pitting and someone scratched the anti-theft # on top (it was titled/registered to that number.. why someone scratched that in??). No value to me having it done. The last owner had to look for it for two days before I would buy the car. It's not leaving my sight, it's the one irreplaceable part that confirms provenance of the car along with the Briggs tag. I'll get a reproduction to place on top of the original beneath and call it a day.


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