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Posted by Leeedy on 2022/6/25 15:46:30

su8overdrive wrote:
Am sure Dwight's book will be detailed, but the title diminishes credibility and smacks of nerdom, the usual buff's inability to see past his own hood ornament.

The "greatest" Packards of "them all" according to many familiar with Packard's entire history might be the 1912-15 big Six, many thinking the Twin Six a step down, Packards increasingly the product of ex-Burroughs cash register, Hudson, GM alumni.

Why not entitle it simply, accurately, The Last Detroit Packards?

Wonder if it will include a point by point comparison with 1955-56 Chrysler New Yorkers? Consumers Report's reviews? Or just more excuses overlooking all independents doomed.

I can't speak for Dwight, nor would I ever attempt to do so. However, it is not Dwight originating this slogan as it is morphed into book title. It was Packard (or some would minutia-correct me to say "Studebaker-Packard" OR even "Product Planning Department of Packard Division of Studebaker-Packard").

Also, I don't care about any more re-hashing of Packard vs. Chrysler, Buick or Cadillac or Facel-Vega or Mercedes-Benz. I just want to see the photos and see what ever else Packard was planning that never got made and never got published. By the way, Packard's internal marketing benchmarks were actually the Imperial rather than Chrysler New Yorker. I have an original Packard product planning flip chart from this period that says so... and why.

One could argue until the cows come home which was the actual "greatest Packard of them all." There were several. My personal favorites also include much earlier editions. Frankly I just adore the 1933-34 Twelves. But what Packard ultimately meant when they said this was just as much a slogan as an assessment of greatness.

As for the title... this slogan appeared in one of the 1956 Packard sales brochures. So nobody picks an argument and jumps at the chance to correct me, the actual wording was positioned above a 1956 Caribbean and said, "The Greatest PACKARD Of Them All" (see the image attached).

It would appear that Dwight Heinmuller's book title merely carries on with Packard's statement. Or slogan, if you will. If the 1956 Packard Caribbean was the greatest Packard of all, then the 1957-1959 Packards (as Detroit originally intended) would have to be "The Greatest Packards Of Them All"... whether anyone agrees with this or not. It was indeed a Packard slogan at the end.

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