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Posted by Leeedy on 2022/6/25 20:33:40

su8overdrive wrote:
Had no idea the marketing behind this book, assumed the author had say over title.

Wasn't talking about "favorite" Packard(s), but wondering at the over-the-top title. If selling something strictly to the choir, quoting ad copy makes sense.

As for not wanting to see Packard compared, contrasted with other makes, well, that's the car business. No one lives in a vacuum, not even those suffering one marque-itis.

The engineers, designers at various automakers attended SAE meetings, dinners, were often friends, decisions to use Auto-Lite over Delco or Lockheed instead of Wagner often made on the golf course or at the Detroit Athletic Club as well as executive offices.

Packard might've aimed their 1955-56 400 at the Imperial, the same car as the New Yorker but for seven inches more wheelbase and stand up tail lights, but other Packard models certainly aimed at Windsor, Saratoga, New Yorker.

Not sure why I'm giving this a response but...

RE: the book title... Well. When one self-publishes, one usually has one's choice of deciding what title to use on the book one is publishing. This is normally the way it works.

RE: wasn't talking about favorite Packards... Doesn't matter. You weren't... but I am. Period.

RE: one-marque-itis... A vacuum huh? You are realllllllllllllly preaching to the very wrong guy. Nobody loves cars more than I do. ALL cars. I grew up in Detroit. I know plenty about other automobiles of the era. But I don't care one bit if the book we are discussing dredges up yet another comparison for endless silly arguing. If you crave that kind of thing, that's on you and you're welcome. Have at it. But me and one marque-itis? Please. I own and have owed everything from a Ferrari to FIATs to Pontiacs (a bunch)...Jaguars to Chevrolets... Fords to Lincolns (a bunch of them over many years)... Oldsmobiles (my favorites were Starfire convertibles–yes I have photos)... Corvettes (newest a C-6, oldest a 1958) to Cadillacs (fleets of them, including Eldorados, Biarritzes, I even still have my Italian-built Allante in mint condition). Mercedes (several over the years), BMW and more. Mazda Miatas to RX-7s. AND during my twenty years with one particular car corporation, I was allowed to (expected to) drive ANY car I wanted (whether they made it or not). So please.

RE: engineers at various companies attended SAE meetings, dinners, etc. etc. and the DAC.... Oh? Please again. I'm a longtime member (inactive) of SAE. And deals were made at the DAC... hmmm... yes. Well. Perhaps you missed the historical issue of the DAC magazine a few years ago when I was quoted? And... you can read more about auto deals made at the DAC in the book on Creative Industries of Detroit. Would you like me to give you the page numbers?

RE: that's the car business... Really??? Hmmmmmmm. Welll? I have worked at OEM-level positions with four major car manufacturers over a long career. I worked on the original Mustang. I worked in helping develop the Mazda Miata. I never missed a SEMA automotive week for most of the years I was in my career. And that's the business alright, even though the view expressed here is quite a bit simplistic. The business I retired from. I also wrote for car magazines for over 50 years.

RE: differences between Imperial (which at the time was a stand-alone "marque") and various/sundry Chryslers... You should know something. My grandfather started buying Imperials in the 1930s. He had bunches of them, all purchased NEW. It was his favorite automobile. He had a 1955 and 1956. NEW. And he bought them although I begged him to buy a Packard (which he could have easily afforded). My grandpa refused to buy a Packard because he thought they were going out of business one day. Chrysler Corporation would send a special salesman to my grandpa's office in Detroit. That salesman would drive us over to the dealership prior to when regular customers were allowed in. We got to see the new cars (the windows at the dealer were fogged up as they used to do) at advanced showings. Telling me about Imperials and Chryslers and all the differences is like introducing me to my parents.

So. This is all I have to say. Hopefully it has shed some light. But then again, maybe not. I detest internet arguing and silly bickering. So this will be my last comment on this topic. It stops here.

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