Overheating resolution

Posted by Ross On 2022/8/5 20:31:04
I have in a somewhat sad 37 120. I'll save the story of how poorly the brakes were serviced for another day. This rancid thing would start making steam after traveling about 1 1/2 times around the block. There were muddy deposits in the neck of the radiator and the air blowing back off the radiator while on fast idle was not all that hot.

Well,I thought, this thing must be horribly plugged up. But just to be sure I will check the thermostat. Oh, the thermostat is MIA; nothing but a big hole. So I installed a nice modern 180 degree stat as that was what I had on hand. I slapped it back together and poured in my oxalic acid to begin the slow process of dissolving the gook. This should take hours.

The car never got hot again! It came up to temperature, the thermostat opened, and intense heat rolled back off the radiator as it should. This was long before the acid could have done anything.

Simply put, the car needed the restriction in the cooling system to make it cool properly. I'd heard of this many times, usually in regard to flathead V8 Fords, but never seen it so dramatically. I am still running the acid in it to be thorough, but immediately after installing the thermostat the car became capable of climbing a hill on a 95 degree day. That was 100% out of the question before.

So, a word to the wise as you chase heating problems. Don't ditch your thermostat. That will make it worse.

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