Re: Overheating resolution

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/8/6 11:43:23
I suspect it may have had an air pocket in it, if there was "muddy" stuff in it. Draining it to change the stat and refilling, may have cleared what ailed it. Common issue when things aren't full and once you get steam, it keeps making steam. The wall temperature where the pocket is, gets too hot and creates steam pressure keeping the liquid away.
I'd expect without a stat, it might not run good when cool as it won't get up to temp for the oil, combustion, etc.
That stat is not controlling the temp to 180, it's not fully open til it gets to 180, to allow the engine block to heat up. I don't think there's a whole lot of differential pressure once it's fully open to make a difference for restricting flow. They aren't that tight closed either. Some have weep holes to let air out. But would make sense if there was an air pocket, nothing to restrict the steam going to the radiator.
It's a centrifugal pump, so will only flow what it can flow with the available pressure drop at the rpm it's turning.
But agree they should have one. Hope it resolves fully.
Flush and put coolant with rust additive after it's "cooked" out. Glycol doesn't like acid. It's breaks down faster.

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