Re: Overheating resolution

Posted by pack36997 On 2022/8/9 8:34:50
Yes, the cooling system requires restrictions in flow. I remember hearing that some folks place large washers into the cooling systems of Ford flatheads. These washers restrict the flow and the engines run cooler as a result. This point was proven to me by an operator at a heating/cooling plant. The centrifugal chiller at the plant transferred its heat to the cooling towers. The valve to the cooling towers was never left wide open. The operator showed me that if he opened the valve too wide, the chiller would actually LOSE efficiency. A couple of minutes after opening the valve slightly wider, the chilled water temperature would inch up. Obviously, the valve setting was predicated on the outside temperature and how much demand there was for chilled water. But, by slowing down the flow through the unit, more heat was able to be transferred. If the water ran through the cooling tubes too quickly, less heat was transferred.

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