Re: Another one bites the dust

Posted by ewrecks On 2022/8/7 21:28:17
I have to agree with .Flack on this one. The workmanship is excellent and the car will provide someone with a head turner that is dependable with parts that are still available.
I like to keep my cars as original as possible but will use radial tires, halogen headlights and an MP3 player to make the car safer and more enjoyable when I drive it.
Many people prefer the looks of an old car with the dependability that comes from updated drivetrains and interiors.
The cost to restore a 39 convertible coupe rather than resto mod the one commented about that has not sold for the asking price of $127k is not cheap and will NEVER pull six figures. I am three years into restoring a 39 convertible coupe and am already near what the last few have sold for…and mine is still disassembled and unpainted.
How another man spends his money is not my problem. I would prefer to see a restomod on the road to seeing a restored car on a trailer or in a museum.
Just my feeling.

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