Re: Another one bites the dust

Posted by MJG On 2022/8/8 21:52:29
That '37 Limo takes the cake. I pity the person that thought that was a good idea. I get a kick out of the doors not opening. I wonder why? Maybe because you cut the top off.. surprised they don't fly open, but guessing they are wedged shut from flex. Someone needs to enter that in the Concours d'Lemons.

I personally do not like restomods however, at some point manufacturers will build cars I don't care to own. I'm probably getting close to buying the last new car I will ever buy. After that these will start to look like viable options vs an EV. Tesla or '34 restomod? I know which I'd prefer. A well built restomod truck is looking like a nice daily driver.

Also, I hate seeing a great original modified, but it makes the remaining ones more valuable and with diminishing interest in pre-war.. probably more supply than demand in original cars.

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