Re: Another one bites the dust

Posted by ewrecks On 2022/8/9 9:19:11
I am somewhat confused about some of the comments posted to Tim Cole’s posting of the restomod.
I have no idea whether someone urinated in a cathredal by bastardizing a pristine car or whether the unit shown was a basket case saved from the crusher or …maybe a complete recreation.
Virtually every popular car style has been recreated. Glen Prey produced Auburn Speedstere and did it well enough that his cars are now accepted for judging.
The Shelby Cobra, the Cord and even the
Dusenbergs have generated recreations….some of which are spectacular works of engineering.
You can purchase a 57 Chevy convertible from CARS that is identical to an original but has no parte from GM.
The preservation of original Corvettes is as important to purists at the AACA and the concern for preserving classic Packards but there are full reproductions available and restomods.that incorporate technology of the modern Vette to make the cars more dependable and safer.
These are cars….they were made to be driven and enjoyed. The fact that they were beautifully styled will encourage people to restore originals but also seek to keep the style alive in replicas and….resto mod fashion.
Paying tribute to anyone who does excellent mechanical, paint and body work in this day and age is appropriate. Criticizing shoddy design or workmanship or putting dangerous cars on the road is equally appropriate.
This Forum affords invaluable help to those of us who want to honor and preserve a marque but we should accept and honor those who do quality work on other vehicles.

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