Re: Another one bites the dust

Posted by Tim Cole On 2022/8/10 8:14:05
If that is a plastic body the ad would read as such: "F150 chassis on crafted body blah, blah blah ..."

Made to be driven as in when the speed limit on the Merritt Parkway was 35 mph.

If you are not willing to accept limitations then you don't like the cars.

The fact that a 1930 Packard is a 45 mph car doesn't bother me because I want to hear that gear whine. I want to shift that crash transmission. I want that big straight 8. I want to admire a powertrain that doesn't have one piece of plastic in it.

I am thoroughly satisfied with my modern car and have no interest in putting those parts into an old Packard with the commensurate garbage result.

These junkrods are like bolting a Fender pick up onto a vintage violin so it can be used at a punk rock concert. Senseless destruction.

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