Re: 356 timing sprocket damage

Posted by Scienceaddict On 2022/8/21 15:45:47

flackmaster wrote:
gear in hand, will send.

I concur with the obvious, need to pull the head, play with the valves and likely re-ring the pistons and clean the bores. Clean, scrape and powerwash everthing possible. Be careful to mark/inspect the rod bearings, you likely re-use unless necessary as replacements are expensive, hard to find and a path to an expensive overhaul.


I appreciate it, but don't worry about the gear, someone already offered me one and it's already payed for and in transit. You still need to let me know what I owe you for that starter that caused all these problems 😂.

How far out does the oil pump need to be to disengage? It's been slow trying to pull it out,just can't get a good grip to twist it well enough. I've got it about two inches out, but need to work at it further.

Cam does feel pretty free for a tiny bit of movement, so it's not sized in the bearings, but that could very well be the lash in the engagement with the dizzy/oil pump drive gear.

I will absolutely drop the pan to evict the rodent residence, and inspect, however I'm not going to pull the head. The rotating assembly feels smooth and nice in its rotation now, so I don't expect any cylinder issues, and if there's any major problems I find underneath, I'll probably just go to work on the 359 instead.

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