Re: 356 timing sprocket damage

Posted by HH56 On 2022/8/21 16:28:55
If the engine were in some models the 356 pump body might need to be turned 180 to clear the frame before it could slide straight out. On an out of the car engine the pump should just pull out.

There is nothing contacting the block inside except a couple of round machined surfaces on the pump stem that slide in an also machined bore and provide seals. It could be there is some kind of heavy varnish or sludge inside the bore and the machined surface nearest the gear is getting caught. Not sure which hole but you said the mice apparently found an entrance hole near the pump so perhaps they brought in something that is blocking the path.

As I recall the gear is just a tiny bit smaller than the round machined surfaces. I do not think it is possible for any side play but be sure pump is straight and gear is not getting caught on the edge of the bore. One very unlikely issue could be if the pin holding the gear to the pump shaft has somehow worked out and is extending in the path.

If the gear seems to be clear you might see if you can slide a wooden dowel in from the distributor side to reach and push on the pump gear. Give that a few GENTLE taps and see if the shock can help move the pump

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