Re: Is the Various CL Pickings topic closed to new postings?

Posted by 58L8134 On 2022/8/30 13:02:59
Thanks gentlemen. Reassuring to know it's not just my computer not getting through.

Probably is time to close the old one full of dead CL links, get a 'Part Deux' if Big Kev approves it.

Since CL started charging $5 to post a vehicle listing, the number of collector cars in general has dropped off. Facebook Marketplace is still free, that's where a lot migrated. But, in general, people seem to be keeping their Packards, or so it seems.

I repost some with photos on the AACA Forum, For Sale - Not Mine section, so check their periodically.


Added 9-5-2022: I just got it to take a single listing but wouldn't do more than one even when I tried editing and adding a second.

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