Need simple how-to adjust '47 Super Clipper parking brake

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/9/1 16:22:34
My hydraulic brakes adjusted according to Hoyle with the correct amount of pedal free play. But even on the gentlest incline, with my parking brake lever up nearly against the bottom of the dash, the car will roll back.

Without showing off vast engineering knowledge, in simple English, can anyone tell me how to adjust the parking brake?

I'm told the '42 shop manual describes how, which i ain't got, only the 1946-50 Packard Shop Manual, which devotes a scant half page to the entire subject of parking brake, and that only a description of how it works with a ghost/cutaway illustration of a junior tub club depicting the key parts. That's absolutely it.

The only '42 manuals I see in PI's archives are owner's and tune up.

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