Re: Need simple how-to adjust '47 Super Clipper parking brake

Posted by Wat_Tyler On 2022/9/1 18:19:39
Yeah, Gramps was doing a brake job on one of his bathtubs and was a'learnin' the kid a thing or three. Basically, the rear shoe does the work stopping the car going forward, he said (and I'll clean the clock of the SOB who says that I just said you can get by with one shoe). He also pointed out that the rear shoe was what did the parking brake work. So, as Don said, it'll work going forward and not work well at all going backward. Moral of the story is, park the car facing downhill if forced to park on a slope. And leave it in first gear,

I relearnt this lesson the day we off-loaded the Deluxe when it came home. Headed uphill, and the parking brake did bupkis. I then had a flashback. You can get better results - not perfect, but better - by standing on the foot pedal when setting the hand brake. Which I did, and yes, the hand brake handle is pert near hitting the underside of the dash, too. And left the car in reverse. Until I moved everything from the other side of the street and moved the Deluxe to face downhill.

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