Re: Anyone know if there's a PDF of all the illustrations on the Max Merritt website?

Posted by HH56 On 2022/9/15 8:59:49
Don and Brian are correct. If you only want the factory illustrations as in the example you asked about, most postwar illustrations are available for download as a single complete file in the literature archive. Select Parts Lists and Manuals and find the year you want. From 48 onward the illustrations are a single file under the name parts diagram plates. Prior to 48 the illustrations were printed alongside the parts numbers in the manuals and not available separately.

If you are asking about the photos the Max Merritt site displays alongside the numbers to show individual parts, I do not believe those have ever been made available for download as a pdf file. Think the only option there is selecting the photo and after it enlarges and displays make a duplicate copy to save on your computer. I suppose if you wanted to make the effort you could then compile them and make a pdf file.

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