Re: Radio for 52 packard

Posted by HH56 On 2022/9/15 14:23:23
I don't believe there is anything in a complete unit made for the older 6v positive ground Packards or that will be a very good match to the old styling, bezels and size of the dash opening. Unlike other more popular brands apparently there is no call for a custom fit bezel to cover the large stock opening for the new radio faces to blend in -- and it does not help that between 51-4 Packard had a couple of different size openings. A downside to any complete unit will be they are most likely only available in 12v neg ground so may require a polarity change in the car if the also needed power inverter to provide the 12v cannot also handle the polarity change. Vintage Radio does have a few they list for Packard but all are definitely modern looking. I would provide a link but for some reason I am getting grief and blank pages when trying to add links today.

An option might be keeping the stock radio in place and installing a Secret Audio unit from Custom Auto Sound to get something modern in the car. That one controls the radio with a small control unit that can mount under the dash or be hidden. It also has a remote. Vintage Car Radio also has a product called Out of Sight Audio that looks interesting. It has several variations including a hands free phone version. Radio is just a small hidden box that info says is mounted behind the dash and control is via your phone or other electronic device. If you just to play want modern music, probably the least expensive option is installing the RediRad unit and plugging your phone or mp3 player into that.

A final option with some protests made when others did it due to the needed gutting of the original radio might be to have your original radio converted with one or more of the modern modules installed inside the case. Modules can be customized and available from basic with just AM and FM stations to elaborate with Bluetooth etc. Vintage Radio is just one of many radio places who will do conversions but some features differ with vendors. Vintage's website conversion page shows various modules available along with some prices.

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