Re: Need some guidance

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/11/22 11:19:49
It's getting to be bumper cars out there. Since covid, people got glued to their iphones, etc. and rarely pay attention to driving. It's defensive driving at best, but when their in your lane??? I(SC) recently was pulling my trailer into the dealer to pick up my tractor and was 2/3 off the road and some teen, ran into the trailer. Tires screeched, I didn't see or feel the crash, I was well off the road already and it's five lanes, with light traffic. I was only blocking one lane, so I know he could've avoided collision if he was paying attention. Somehow, the policeman favored his excuse that I "pulled out in front of him", which is entirely bogus. His old man appeared and started accusing me, etc and wanted to start a fight. He didn't realize you don't mess with old people, we got nuttin to lose! Life sentences are short. So it could always be worse.
I'd say it depends on how many good '41 body parts you can locate will be the determining factor on repairs. In another brand site, a guy was similarly hit in a 41 coupe and he was totaled by the insurance and had to go find a whole car. So depends what your insurance values your loss also. Let them sort out the other side and best to avoid involvement there without a lawyer.
ps: I'd not wait til I retired to take up the body tools. That's what I thought and life seems to get in the way of the best of plans.

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