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Posted by Tim Cole On 2022/11/23 9:43:22
As regards that trailer incident, you really have to be emotionally prepared to deal with cops. Every time I deal with cops they try to nail me for something. Once I caught somebody breaking into my car and the cops tried to nail me for assault. Another time my car was rearended when parked and they tried to nail me for road rage even though I wasn't in the car and didn't even get in the car. I knew somebody who was broadsided at an intersection and the cops took the offender's lies seriously. Witnesses proved otherwise. The only explanation for such behavior is that when cops listen to liars it reduces the amount paperwork they need to fill out. So, I followed the Russian example and bought a dashcam. In Russia law enforcement is so crooked everybody has dashcams because of the corrupt legal system there.

Another disincentive for using my car. And when I am a pedestrian, I keep in mind that if I get run down the cops will likely say it is my fault for walking. Thus, the other day when two school buses disregarded my presence and right of way at a crosswalk (the light was white) I just let them go by and didn't try to be smart, risk being rundown, and then having the cops listen to those crackhead liars.

And let me add one more thing. The Judge handling the case where my car was rearended tried to get me to accept the drug infested offender's offer to provide restitution. I had to point out to the judge that accepting that non-sense would result in the insurance company denying my collision claim under the subrogation clause.

Our legal system is not the worst, but it's pretty bad.

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