Engine rebuild, help!

Posted by moodydavid16 On 2022/12/4 19:50:45
I have a 1948 super eight sedan that I am currently rebuilding the engine for. I am currently trying to reinstall the crankshaft. however whenever I put the main caps on and tighten them the crankshaft binds and wont turn without excessive force. I have determined that it is only the 2 closest to the transmission side that bind (I have the engine with 5 mains) I have checked the clearances and they all check out. the only work I have had done is I had a machine shop grind the crank down .010" on both main and rods. I have bought the same oversize bearings from kanter (.010") as well. i also have plenty of assembly lube on everything. does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on? also, i find that when the caps are off and i turn the engine it will make a clunk sound when it gets to the same point as where i had initially torqued down the caps and found it would bind. not sure if this is related or even an issue.

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