Re: Engine rebuild, help!

Posted by moodydavid16 On 2022/12/4 23:00:37
Any chance the bearing caps got switched or did you swap one from another engine and the block needs to be line bored?
I am still using the same caps from the original block and I am sure they are in the same order as when disassembled
You said the clearances were OK in the offending spots but is there any chance perhaps a wrong bearing half shell somehow got put in a box or mixed in the set?
they each came in separate packaging as pairs and are all different widths so in short no they cant possibly be mixed up
Is there any kind of debris under a bearing shell that would act as a shim? I believe I got them pretty dang clean but I will definitely go back and re clean them- thanks for the sugggestion.
No suggestions as to the clunk other than possibly endplay is excessive and crank is shifting while you turn it or to look carefully and see if a counterweight has any new shiny spots from hitting something. If the oil fill tube is inserted incorrectly a counterweight can hit the baffle but think that would be a more metallic tinny sound rather than a clunk.
I have a bare block so its not hitting anything, but it is possible that it has excessive endplay.

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