Re: Engine rebuild, help!

Posted by moodydavid16 On 2022/12/7 20:56:54

Fish'n Jim wrote:
Have to check that all the machining was done right. ie, if they missed one or didn't cut it the right size, misaligned, etc. then the oversize bearings will "over"-tighten. The blocks are best align honed, so since that wasn't done it complicates trueness.

Hopefully tomorrow I am going to be sending the crank and block back to the machine shop so they can re check everything and this time have the block to test fit.

There's a magic clearance on the bearings to get correct oil flow. So if too tight going back, you'll ruin it.

is this "magic clearance" just anywhere within the vertical oil clearance spec or are you referring to a specific sweet spot within that range?

Lots of lost art in those passe rope seals too. Common early issue across the brands.

yeah I really like how these older cars are so unique compared to the newer ones; they sure don't make em like they used to!

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