Re: 1936 120-B 2 door convertible

Posted by su8overdrive On 2022/12/25 15:11:51
What a sharp car. Flackmaster nails it, gives the best advice. Do only what he suggests and absolutely nothing else.
Love that gray, and the soft tan top makes it sing. My girlfriend has a silver Miata with a tan top; it looks understated, even elegant, despite silver today done to death.

Your '36's gray is one of my favorite colors for an old car. Might remove the trunk and carefully store it if driving the car. Looks like a big ancient Miata. That's the car that saved Packard.

Of course, fresh GL1 oil in the transmission, GL5 in the differential, flush the cooling system, 10W/30 oil, DOT5 silicone brake fluid, lube every chassis fitting 'til you see fresh starting to emerge, lube the speedometer cable, oil the clock, door, trunk, hood hinges, etc.

Looks like Santa was good to you this year.

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