Re: 1936 120-B 2 door convertible

Posted by packardsix1939 On 2022/12/25 22:22:50
1936 120B: I absolutely love your car. It looks so stunning with the factory fender skirts and the rear mounted trunk. Do as little as you can possibly get away with and preserve the originality of your car. There are so few Packards of this era, especially convertibles that have survived to the present day in such original condition. Your car is of significant historical value to Packard enthusiasts and restorers. Almost all 1930's convertibles have been restored at some point, and many quite badly. I have an idea for preserving the originality of your interior. How about custom made clear plastic seat covers? This would preserve the original materials, prevent or at least minimize further damage and still allow you to use the car. Wonder if anyone else on the forum thinks this might be a workable solution.

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