Re: Lifespan of OLD cars (Brass Era)

Posted by Fish'n Jim On 2022/12/30 14:15:48
Not sure it's fair to generalize about this from that view. If you bought a new 1920 Duesenberg, you might have done well to keep it/pass it on even today.
The depression hit in the late 20s and that changed the landscape of cars dramatically as did the war eras. Majority of makes went out of business and even the top brands had to
downsize/merge to survive, both numbers and quality/bling reduced. The early brass era cars now are pretty soft, except for a few exotic survivors.
Get a book or two on the history of the auto industry and much of your inquisitiveness will be satisfied. It a circuitous journey not a straight forward calculation.
If you depreciate "equipment" then at the end of "life" it's only worth salvage value. But in collector cars there's residual value which can increase or decrease with the market for them.

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