Upolstery of door panels for the 1950`s

Posted by nivek123 On 2023/1/2 10:13:17
Door panels of the 1950`s seemed to have had the fabric pressed in lines rather than the fabric being sowed .
The technique was using a steam system that heated a device that was bent into the patterns on the door panel and pressed to make the patterns on the door panel upholstery
I had a upholster that knew a man that could do that but I never got his name .
I am a sheet metal worker and thought of a method
Take 30 gauge sheet metal and cut a piece perhaps 6 inches and make it the length of the pattern .then bend it to the pattern which is easy enough .
Then with an oven heat it to lets say 300 degrees and with gloves pull it from the oven and press it on the fabric until it fuses to the muslin behind it .
Maybe I should spray a sticky substance on the back of the fabric or muslin to enhance the process .
Does anyone else have a source or any other crack pot ideas to do this process?
Help ! This question of this process is a scratch that needs to be itched !

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