Re: Upolstery of door panels for the 1950`s

Posted by kevinpackard On 2023/1/4 14:56:11
I've been thinking about ways to go about this for a while. I don't want to send my door panels into SMS and wait an unknown amount of time to get them back (2+ years?). I also don't want to sew the lines in either.

I came across a method on YouTube of mimicking the lines using a stiffer foam that is glued directly to the panel. It is shaped to follow the contours you are going for in the end. Then the vinyl is glued and pressed into the shaped foam, and the heat-pressed lines can be imitated. It looks okay. I'm going to experiment with it once I gather the materials.

The problem with trying to do your own heat treated lines is going to be maintaining correct temperature and pressure. I can see it being difficult to maintain consistency.


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