Re: Upolstery of door panels for the 1950`s

Posted by Leeedy On 2023/1/6 13:47:34
believe the adhesive he's using is Weldwood's Landau Top and Trim adhesive, which is apparently the one that upholsters recommend. I don't have a lot of experience with it, except for my headliner, so I can't say how it would do on the doors.

In our situation we really have 3 options:
1.) Send the panels to SMS and potentially never see them again
2.) Sew the panel lines into the vinyl to mimic the heat embossing
3.) Cut foam forms to mimic the heat embossing

I'd really like to try what the video shows. Even if it doesn't work, it would be a good experiment. If it does work, then great. Perhaps with the right adhesive it'll do okay?


Whatever the brand name... whatever anyone recommends... anyone with automotive trim shop experience will instantly recognize... it is common contact cement. Every trim shop uses one brand or the other. What my trimmers used to call "gorilla snot" (just slang– not a brand reference since there was no such brand when we were in business). Basically the same stuff– whatever the brand given. Coca-Cola or Pepsi or RC cola.

And like I said... go through all these changes... then park the car a time or two out in 100-degree heat on a summer day. Then watch what happens to all your work... give it a week.

My mission here is to simply share knowledge and experience. I don't post these things just to make up opinions or to debate. I'm just telling you what I have actually seen and experienced having once been involved in ownership of an automotive trim shop. Over several years. And working at the OEM level in the automotive biz.

What the guy does in the video is cute for a video. And even very skillful. But it won't last.

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