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Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/3 20:00:10
Not sure what the black knob might be. The heater and defroster switches appear to be on the dash right side and there appears to be a fog light switch on the left under the headlight sw which would be standard factory switches and locations.

If it had an Electromatic Clutch, that switch would either go where the fog light sw is or if an unused space was available on the right where the fresh air knob is it would go there. If no spaces, fog would most likely have one of the under dash switch installs. Packard would not likely have put any switch in the dash but maybe a Dealer would.

Speaking of the fresh air knob, it would be nice if there was an underhood photo showing lower down on the carb side. The photos they took do not go low enough to see if the duct work is present or if the knob is dummy.

The Schrader valve at the trunk is most likely for the spare tire check and fill hose.

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