Home Made Grommets

Posted by Bob J On 2023/1/8 17:07:45
If you have a larger hole you want grommeted to allow safe cable/wire runs to pass through sheet metal I have a solution.

Use vacuum hose.

Trim off a piece a little longer than the hole's circumference. Use a sharp pair of scissors and split the hose down the outer diameter edge. (This refers to the way the tube naturally bends as it is usually packed in a roll so you might as well go with the flow.) Now simply press the cut edge over the sheet metal hole's edge. When you get back to the start trim it just a tiny bit long so it is slightly compressed on the final inserted edge so the butt ends close up tight. The wall of the vacuum hose now will allow the wires to pass without abrading the insulation and avoid shorts.
Bob J.

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