Ownership Mystery

Posted by Bob J On 2023/1/8 22:58:05
I have the ownership and data plate with my 37. The Vehicle Number is 1099-3085 on the data plate. It is a 37 model.
On the typed ownership, showing 37 as the year, from its last renewal in 1960, it has the serial number as 999125.
As you know that serial number is not a proper vehicle number for Packard.
However if I enter 999-1250 in the decoder I come up with the same car but in a 1936 model. Coincidence?
Where would the 999125 have come from to be on the ownership? I realize that a typed document can have errors but there is no relationship between the two numbers.
Could it be that sometime in the past an ownership from a '36 was used for this car? The owner from that time has been dead for over 2 years now so there is no one to ask. I thought I would put it to the group to see if anyone else has a similar occurrence.
Bob J.

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