1934 Dietrich Inc body tag

Posted by Jmac54 On 2023/1/10 8:54:20

I am working with a 1934 Packard 1107 Twelve Convertible Sedan. Trying to get info and context on the "Dietrich Inc" body tag located on the lower cowl right above the running board that appears to be brass or copper.

Research results are a little fuzzy. Some search results say it adds value with the body tag and other search results say even when Ray Dietrich left the company Packard was still using the tags to affix to the cars. It's my understanding that if it had that tag it was considered "custom" and increased the value.

I found a little info but it is still not clear. Here is what I found.

Approximately thirty 1107 Convertible Sedans (base price $5,180) were made by Packard in 1934. Three of the thirty underwent modifications by the Dietrich-Murray factory in Detroit. As referenced by Ed Blend’s book, “The Magnificent Packard of 1934”, the factory custom bodies by Dietrich are remarkable for custom interiors and custom accessories as ordered by the customer. This adds “considerable value” to these vehicles. Two of the three custom bodies are known today, and approximately six of the thirty convertible sedans survived (one being owned by PNR-CCCA members Ron and Margie Danz).

Also I understand there may be a separate body tag plate aside from the Patent plate that may be located under the passenger side carpet. It's a Dietrich body tag indicating the specific number of the body. Going to see if I can locate it today.

Any help with identifying or clarifying what we have would be great.

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