Re: 1934 Dietrich Inc body tag

Posted by West Peterson On 2023/1/11 8:48:16
As mentioned, by 1934, the Dietrich tag really had nothing to do with Dietrich building the car. It mainly meant specific-ordered trim (upholstery).

In my professional opinion, with only six of the 1107 convertible sedans extant, and with the probability that the original special order "trim" probably having already been replaced during previous restorations, there probably isn't much difference in value from the other six cars. The quality of restoration will be the determining factor in value (not to mention if it's got good provenance verifying that it's not a Super Eight or Eight body that has been transferred over to the Twelve chassis.

The tag under the carpet on the right side of the car, (either in the back or the front) will NOT be a Dietrich tag. It will be a body number tag.

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