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Posted by packardsix1939 On 2023/1/11 10:34:09
West Peterson: I know that Ray Dietrich turned out a number of designs for Packard during his career, but I always thought that the 1932-1934 Twelves were special because of the radical styling of the body. Here is a picture of a 1934 Twelve Convertible Sedan by Dietrich that I found on the internet. These cars are literally priceless. Well, maybe not totally priceless, but this is coming from a guy who drives a 1939 Six!

I also had a question on the 1936 Dietrich Convertible Sedan that was produced on the 120 chassis. I always thought that Dietrich had done the design work under contract and that Packard had built the car in house. Or was the body actually built by Murray and then supplied to Packard? Wondering if you had knowledge of this particular model.

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