Re: The worst smell

Posted by kevinpackard On 2023/1/13 17:03:48

Guscha wrote:
...Wonder if any of the treatments for getting other persistent smells out would work -- or at least make it more palatable. Some have said ammonia, lemon, or tomato juice will help with some odors.

Howard (HH56), a couple of years ago, -> we talked about ozone treatment. It works, bank on. How to do an Ozone Shock Treatment?

Ozone works great for interiors because it can be sealed off. I took my seats out when I first got my car and handed them off to a detailer. He built a "tent" out of tarps, put the seats inside, and let the ozone machine rip overnight. The smell was nearly completely gone.

Note that ozone can be dangerous, so caution is advised.

Of course, ozone would not solve the problem that BigKev had with the diff fluid. Can't put the diff in there, and I don't think you can ozone your hands.


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