1951-1954 abd 1955-1956 Door Mirrors

Posted by Packard Don On 2023/1/19 19:26:03
To the discussion here about mirrors, it was pointed out that for 1951-1954, they mounted to the belt molding while for 1955-1956 they mounted directly to the door. My understanding is below so feel free to correct me as I am just trying to grasp it.

From what I can gather, the 1951-1954 type had a slot that fit onto the edge of the hole in the belt molding so nothing but the molding held them. They were tightened in place by a set screw which was accessed through a hole in the mirror base.

For 1955-1956, there was a heavy steel strip that screwed in four places to the fender, then the mirror sat over it and was held in place by a special screw that was tightened through a hole in the mirror base. One of my 1955-1956 mirrors also has the slot while the other does not.
All that said, I have mirrors of both types and I have the brackets but I can't see how the 1955-1956 type works unless the bracket and/or mirrors are incorrect or unless there was some kind of spacer underneath that I do not have, the bracket holds the mirror away from the fender!

Then another question while discussing mirrors of this era. The 1951-1954 type appears to have a screw of some sort through the housing to hold the actual mirror in place as it is blunt with a hole at the front. The 1955-1956 mirror on the other hand comes to a point with nothing visible holding it. How is this type removed short of breaking the glass?

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