Re: 1951-1954 abd 1955-1956 Door Mirrors

Posted by HH56 On 2023/1/19 23:05:28
Unfortunately Packard mirrors need a special screw like the one shown on the mirror in the photo above to mount the factory way in the belt molding because on some cars the location may be inaccessible from inside the door. It is right at the top where there are several overlapping parts and not much clearance.

If you find a mirror at a swap meet without the hardware the screw will probably be impossible to find so you would need to make something. The mirrors blind mount in sort of a keyhole slot and use a small allen wrench inserted into the end of the threaded part of the screw to turn from the outside. Left hand rotation threads the screw into the base and tightens to the door.

Possibly you could use a regular setscrew and thread a nut or some kind of disc and washer on the non socket end to simulate the screw head. Just need to make sure whatever used is permanently attached and cannot unthread to drop in the door

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