Re: 1951-1954 abd 1955-1956 Door Mirrors

Posted by Packard Don On 2023/2/22 14:13:38
Mike, the one that another dealer sent is the 1951-1954 style but with the 1955-1956 bracket but I understand that the angled bit behind the mirror is also different, allowing for the mounting location and getting the angle needed to actually use the mirror. Here is the mirror side of the 1955-1956 type followed by the type for 1951-1954.

That said, the forward-most point of the mirror head sometimes has a hole where the mirror attaches and sometimes it does not. I have never seen the type with the hole for 1955-1956 but I have seen it both ways for 1951-1954 so I expect it’s a detail that was brought on by having more than one supplier making them, each with its own method of attaching the mirror.

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