Re: may want to check this out.

Posted by Tim Cole On 2023/1/21 19:36:35
It works like this: The EPA projects estimated gasoline use. In 2021 134 billion gallons were sold. Then they look at the pork barrel ethanol producers and give them an allowance. So, when they say the oil companies must accept 15 billion gallons of environmentally wasteful ethanol, that is conditioned on the 10% limit. Thus, if not enough gasoline is being sold EPA will lower the quota. If sales are so high that that the percentage is lower than 10% the oil companies don't have to buy the crap.

Those guys are correct that gasoline is a commodity that is shipped in common pipelines. All the differentiation takes places in the tankers where they add the ethanol and additives.

If gasoline wasn't all the same commodity every oil company would have to operate its own pipeline system which is nuts.

Oh, and one more thing: This ethanol benefits farmers in Republican controlled states. All of this talk about it being liberal fascism is baloney. It partly to reduces some of the licking farmers have gotten over the years by things like government sanctions against wheat sales to countries like Russia.

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