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Posted by su8overdrive On 2023/2/6 20:09:11
Nice video, thanks. Love this stuff. Our cars being cars.

I lived in greater NYC 1965-70, spent much time in Manhattan and the traffic, congestion there then was less than here in the SF East Bay area, my city of a mere 74,000 today. I kid you not.

It's swell to visit the past, but not at the exclusion of confronting the present. Many of us rebuilt old cars to enjoy now and then without military planning or getting up at 5am weekends only to be back in the garage by 7am when the breeders are already racing to Star Bucks in their two-pedal whoa and go vehicles.

US city planners have long used 600 feet, the length of two short city blocks or pair of football fields without the endzones as the distance at which Americans instinctively reach for their car keys.

Most people walked, took ubiquitous street cars, trolley, interurbans, busses, subways, elevateds.

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but ourselves."

US population when the above filmed 130 million. Today, 350 million. Global population 1938-39, 2.2 billion.
Today, 8.1 billion.

The world's scientists agree this is our most pressing problem, but i guess that's "politics," so heads back in the sand.

Nice five-minute diversion from reality. I hark to Vivaldi, Chopin, Armstrong, Bechet and my Packard, but do not want to live in 1730, 1840, 1947.

So....short of moving to South Dakota or West Virginia, what do we do to ensure a future in which we can still enjoy our Packards now and then instead of living online?

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