Re: Hub Cap Question

Posted by ElGroucho On 2023/11/16 23:55:50

Bob J wrote:
Look what finally came back from the platers! Brian at Cambridge Chrome did ask if it was a rush! I said no, to be honest she just passed her safety yesterday so they came in just in time. Got them all re-painted per factory(ish) as much as I am able to do with a brush anyway. I only did 3 as one was in pretty good shape and I like to show off some of the 'survivor' chrome if it is passable.
Bob J.

Look fantastic! Curious Bob, what kind of paint did you use? Did you scuff the areas you painted? How did you apply? I've been contemplating on how to go about painting mine, as well as my bumpers. I wanted to make sure the paint adhered properly without easily coming off. Put some thought into it then got sidetracked.

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